Goth Boys

For the equally beautiful goth and alternative males


Welcome to Goth Boys!

Our goal is to give Gothic and Alternative "Boys" ("Our Boys", as we like to call them) a place to post, meet people, and be seen without fear of negativity or being judged. We understand that with the invention of the internet, people have become more and more cruel- keyboard warriors rule the land and no one is really safe. Girls however, seem to have infinitely more places to post than guys do. Gothic guys especially often find themselves harassed and ridiculed, called "gay" or worse, or outcast by family member that don't understand. They might not be able to post on their own pages, or they might be trying out the look/style for the first time and are looking for somewhere they will be accepted. This is where we come in.  On our pages, Boys can feel safe and confident that they will be as protected as we can manage from the harsh abuse they might find otherwise. We tend not to focus on celebrities or very well known Boys here, as they already have a following, are known, and because of their status- fairly safe from abuse. We are here for the everyday goth, the normal, unknown Boy who might just need a little helping hand, a little encouragement- to be made to feel special. We have nothing but respect for any Boy that chooses to share himself with us, and do our very best to be there for them. Our page at times gets full of drama, as we are such a zero-tolerance against bullying and insulting our Boys, that we do tend to throw it back in the aggressor's faces and aren't afraid to call them out for the small minded idiots they are. Hopefully you can understand our side of things during those times in which drama does rear its ugly head. If it were up to us, the page would run smoothly without any of this nonsense, but unfortunately, people with too much time on their hands and not enough brainpower to find something constructive to do with their time make it impossible.

Hopefully you will be with us for the long run. We appreciate all of our fans, and all of the Boys for being here. We love you all!